Top 10 Best Steelhead Hooks Reviews In 2023

Last Updated on December 31, 2022

Steelhead fishing hooks are specialized hooks designed for catching steelhead, which is a type of trout that lives in the Pacific Ocean and returns to freshwater rivers and streams to spawn. Steelhead are known for their fighting spirit, making them a popular game fish among anglers.

Using the right hooks is crucial when fishing for steelhead because they have tough mouths and can be difficult to hook. Steelhead hooks are typically stronger, sharper, and more durable than regular fishing hooks. They also come in various sizes and shapes, allowing anglers to choose the best hook for the particular steelhead species they are targeting, as well as the bait or lure they are using.

Moreover, using the right hooks can help minimize harm to the fish during catch and release, promoting sustainable fishing practices. It's important to choose hooks that are easy to remove from the fish's mouth without causing excessive damage, while still being strong enough to keep the fish on the line during the fight.

Overall, choosing the right steelhead hooks is essential for successful and responsible fishing. By understanding the different types of hooks available and their specific features, anglers can select the best option for their needs and help ensure the safety and well-being of the fish.

Best Steelhead Hooks
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Comparison Table Chart for Best Steelhead Hooks

Find your perfect steelhead hook with our top picks

1ZZWIF Salmon Trout Steelhead Egg Fly Fishing Lures Fly Fishing Kit Dry Flies Kit #12 Super Sturdy Hooks 12 Pcs9.8Check Price on Amazon
2Gamakatsu 217312-15 Salmon/Steelhead Leader Hooks (3 Pack)9.6Check Price on Amazon
3Tiemco TMC 7999 Steelhead & Wet Fly Hook - size 49.4Check Price on Amazon
4Gamakatsu Black, Glo Bug 2X Strong Fly Hook9.2Check Price on Amazon
51520 Steelhead Egg Hook - 25 hooks - size 69Check Price on Amazon
6Gamakatsu 217313-30 Salmon/Steelhead Leader Hooks (3 Pack)8.8Check Price on Amazon
7Gamakatsu Octopus Hook-10 Per Pack (Red, 6)8.6Check Price on Amazon
8Eagle Claw Lazer Salmon Steelhead Rig Fishing Hook8.6Check Price on Amazon
9Gamakatsu Walleye Steelhead Assortment Tackle8.4Check Price on Amazon
10Gamakatsu 04307 Single Egg Loose Hooks (10 Pack)8.2Check Price on Amazon

The List of 10 Best Steelhead Hooks: Our Top Picks

Steelhead Hooks are the perfect tool for anglers who want to catch steelhead on a budget. They are affordable and easy to use, making them one of the most popular hooks on the market. Our top 10 best steelhead hooks reviewed include options from some of the most well-known brands in fishing equipment.

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Steelhead Fishing Hooks have been designed to give anglers a fighting chance when targeting these beautiful fish. From our top 10 best steelhead hooks reviewed, each is made with precision craftsmanship and features the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity for taking big steelhead.

Each hook is handcrafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that they’ll remain in tip-top condition while providing years of reliable fishing action. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, we’ve got the right hook.

1. ZZWIF Salmon Trout Steelhead Egg Fly Fishing Lures Fly Fishing Kit Dry Flies Kit #12 Super Sturdy Hooks 12 Pcs

  • High Quality.Great Gift For Fisherman.
  • High Carbon Steel 10# Hooks,Strong Enough To Catch Big Fish.
  • Bright Color Can Perfectly Attract More Fishes,Like Bass,Pan Fish,Huge Trout Bluegill Ect.
  • Can Be Fished In Various Conditions,Even In The Evening Or In Cloudy.
  • Length:0.6 Inch,Quantity:1 Dozen/6 Colors.Can Be Used With Other Lures Together.

2. Gamakatsu 217312-15 Salmon/Steelhead Leader Hooks (3 Pack)

  • Country Of Origin: Japan
  • Product Type: Fishing Equipment
  • Item Package Dimensions: 0.2 L X 6.9 W X 10.2 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 0.018 Kilograms

3. Tiemco TMC 7999 Steelhead & Wet Fly Hook – size 4

  • Up-Turned Tapered Loop-Eye
  • Heavy Wire
  • Forged
  • Black
  • Steelhead and Salmon Flies

4. Gamakatsu Black, Glo Bug 2X Strong Fly Hook

  • Beak point
  • Corrosion resistant N.S. black finish
  • Sport type: Fishing
  • Package Dimensions: 7.112 L x 1.524H x5.588W(centimeters)

5. 1520 Steelhead Egg Hook – 25 hooks – size 6

  • Bronze
  • Sproat Bend
  • Down-Eye
  • 2X-Heavy Wire
  • 3X-Short Shank

6. Gamakatsu 217313-30 Salmon/Steelhead Leader Hooks (3 Pack)

  • Package length: 10.16 cm
  • Package width: 6.35 cm
  • Package height: 0.762 cm
  • Product Type: FISHING LINE

7. Gamakatsu Octopus Hook-10 Per Pack (Red, 6)

  • Type of Hook: All Purpose
  • Size: 6
  • Color: Red
  • Quantity Per Pack: 10
  • Color is red.
  • Contains ten per pack.
  • Hook size is 6/0.

8. Eagle Claw Lazer Salmon Steelhead Rig Fishing Hook

  • Highest quality angler gear for all types of fishers
  • Trusted for reliabilty, durability, and strength
  • Quality and field tested to ensure you can complete with the best
  • 6 hooks per pack

9. Gamakatsu Walleye Steelhead Assortment Tackle

  • Original octopus hooks
  • Perfect for Trout, Steelhead & walleye
  • 5 assorted colors
  • Conically needle honed points

10. Gamakatsu 04307 Single Egg Loose Hooks (10 Pack)

  • Package quantity: 1
  • Country of Orgin: Japan
  • Significantly increase you chances of Landing the catch

Types of Steelhead Hooks: Jig, Fly, Spinner, and Fork

Steelhead fishing has come a long way in recent years. Many anglers use jigs, flies, spinners and forks to bring these beautiful fish into range. Here is a look at the different types of steelhead hooks and how they are used:


Jigs are widely used by anglers who want to target big steelhead. A jig can be rigged with a simple single or double truck rig or with more elaborate setups that use multiple hooks. The most common jig size is 1/4-inch wide by 3/8-inch deep, but there are also 1/2-inch wide jigs available. Jigs are usually weighted with either a lead weight or a plastic worm. When casting a jig, it's essential to keep the weight close to the lure, so it doesn't get pulled out of the water.

Fly rod hook

The most popular type of steelhead hook is a fly rod hook. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit just about any fishing situation. Fly rods with medium action can often handle trout, while high-action rods are perfect for salmon or steelhead. A variety of flies also come in both nymphs and streamers, so there's sure to be something that will work well for your outing. If you're targeting brown trout in the Great Lakes, you'll want to use a small tippet attached to a long thin fly like a jigging worm or a hare's ear dropper.

Spinner, and Fork

Spinner and fork hooks are steelhead hooks designed to catch and hold large fish. The spinner hook comprises several small, sharp blades that rotate as the hook is pulled out of the water. The fork hook, on the other hand, has a long metal "fork" that rises from the hook's body.

How to Choose the Right Steelhead Hook for You: Size, Weight, and Material

When fishing for steelhead, it is important to choose the right hook. Different hooks are better suited for different types of fishing. When choosing a steelhead hook, size, weight, and material are all factors to consider.

There are many types of steelhead hooks available on the market. The size, weight, and material of a steelhead hook will depend on what you plan to use it. You can use a steelhead hook for fly fishing, bait fishing or salmon fishing. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a steelhead hook:

Size of fish: The size of the fish will determine the hook you need. Hooks smaller than #6 should be used for small fish, and larger hooks (#6 - 10) can be used for larger fish.
The shape of the head: Steelheads have a pointed head, making them easier to catch with a circle or J-hook hook.

Weight capacity: The weight capacity of the hook is also necessary as too much weight can cause the hook to pull out of the flesh.
Materials: Some hooks are made from high-quality metals such as stainless steel or titanium, while others are made from cheaper materials like aluminium or brass. Choosing a hook that will hold up under rigorous fishing conditions and will not rust or corrode is essential.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the hook's size and weight. A heavy steelhead hook will be more effective at landing a fish than a lighter hook, but it will also be harder to use.

The most common type of steelhead hook is the round-nose style. This hook is typically smaller than other hooks and is designed for light tackle anglers. Round-nose hooks are made from either a soft metal or a pliable plastic and can be bought in various weights and sizes. They are also available in both single and double-point designs.

For heavier tackle anglers, there is the tandem-point style steelhead hook. Tandem-point hooks have two points that allow them to penetrate deeper into the fish's flesh than standard round-nose hooks.

Benefits of Different Steelhead Hook Types

Different types of steelhead hooks can provide different benefits. For example, a J-hook is excellent for attaching to a central line or leader, while an S-hook is better for attaching to droppers. Additionally, different hooks can be more effective in different situations. For instance, an S-hook is better for connecting to droppers in fast water because it has a wider mouth.


What are the best steelhead hooks for fly fishing?

Steelhead fishing is a popular sport in many parts of the world, but it can be challenging to land a steelhead on a fly. Different types and sizes of steelhead hooks are available for fly fishing, so choosing the right one for your tackle is essential.

The most popular steelhead hooks for fly fishing are those with a heavy pull weight and curved jaws. These hooks are designed to grip the fish’s dorsal fin firmly, preventing it from escaping.

Other features that may be important when choosing a steelhead hook include barb size and type, as well as length and weight. Understanding how these hooks behave when they hit a bone or another hard object is also helpful.

How To setup Steelhead fishing tackle?

Steelhead fishing tackle setup is a delicate balance of weight, action and strength. The correct tackle can make or break your day on the river. Here are some key tips to get the perfect setup for steelhead fishing:
  • Choose the right rod and reel. A good rod will have a light action that gives you plenty of power when needed, while a good reel will have enough drag to keep your fish on the hook.
  • Choose the right line. A high-quality steelhead line is made from aramid fibre, which is strong yet supple and resists stretch-out, so it doesn't tangle or break like other lines.
  • Choose the right weights and hooks. Weight allows you to hold onto your fish while he fights, while hooks with large teeth grip well in tricky fleshy trout without breaking them.

  • what size hook for steelhead?

    When fishing for steelhead, choosing the right hook is crucial. There are many factors to consider when selecting a size hook, including the weight of the fish you are trying to catch and the type of water you are fishing in. Generally speaking, smaller hooks are better when targeting streamer-type baits in slow-moving water, while larger hooks can be used with heavier tackle for taking big steelhead out on the open river.

    what size reel for steelhead?

    A steelhead is a large fish that can grow up to three feet long and weigh up to twenty-five pounds. Because of their size, you'll need a large reel to reel in these fish. The most common size reel for steelhead is a ten-pound capacity. However, if you're after bigger fish, you'll need a twenty or thirty-pound capacity reel. And if you're looking for the ultimate steelhead fishing experience, go for a fifty or sixty-pound capacity reel.

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